Monitoring & Control Equipment - Our Services

Kurita Group developed state of art equipment for use in the chemical water treatment. These equipment aims to provide efficiency of treatment regime, increasing productivity via automation, water and energy saving.

Cooling Water

Kurita Light Filter addresses the water conservation by restricting the amount of water used for backwash compared to conventional filtration system.

Kuriauto C series Electrical Conductivity controller controls the cycle of concentration to optimal to reduce wastage of water and chemicals to drain.

Boiler Water

Energy recovery device for boiler include Minimax heat recovery system to recover heat from blowdown of boiler, this leads to reduction in fuel oil consumption.
Hardness monitoring system is available to prevent hardness excursion from pretreatment into boiler.

Waste Water

Kurifeeder OS provides automatic optimized dosages of chemicals to ensure un-necessary wastage of chemicals. Kurifeeder OS measures SS of treated water and adjust dosage of chemicals automatically, this reduces chemical usages and sludge volume is optimized.