Innovative Membrane Treatment Solutions Formulated to Create Shared Value

Membrane systems play a critical role in helping water treatment plants achieve a net positive impact on target sustainability metrics. At Kurita, we help our customers understand how to deliver water-use efficiency with advanced technologies using Avista Membrane Treatment Solutions.

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Advancements in Water Technology for a Positive Impact

To create shared value with our customers and the environment, we design membrane treatment solutions to solve water resource issues, realize sustainable energy usage, reduce waste, and improve industrial production technologies.

How we helped a Fortune 100 Company Save Water, Energy, and Waste by Optimizing their RO System

Liters Water Saved Per Year
New Average Recovery
Less Membranes Going to Landfills

The sustainability group of a beverage company needed to implement a water reduction program across five facilities. We were able to guide and direct the required system changes to not only exceed their water savings expectations, but also save energy, cut capital costs, and reduce waste.

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Realize Sustainable Energy Use

Reverse Osmosis is one of the most energy-efficient and commercially viable desalination processes. Lower recovery facilities require more energy to process water. The facilities’ five systems were designed to operate at 75% recovery. By switching to Vitec™, we helped increase the recovery, which resulted in water and energy savings.

For perspective, when the recovery increases from 75% to 85% the cost savings in energy use can be reduced on average by 13.9%.

Reduce Waste

During operations, minimizing waste is critical to reducing the environmental impact of reverse osmosis membrane systems, which often result in landfill waste and have implications in terms of embedded CO2. Although the average membrane element service life should average about five years, several of the facilities were replacing all of their membranes more than once per year.

We recommended targeted antiscalants, applied proper system operation procedures, and updated cleaning chemicals. As a result, the customer reduced membrane replacement by 63.3 % less, which saves 331 of their membranes from ending up in landfill every year.

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Understanding our Customers' Goals is at the Core of Our Approach

Our comprehensive approach provides a clear strategy to solve customer issues and determine the right chemicals required to maximize the reliability and productivity of membrane systems. Our technical and laboratory services support a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of site-specific challenges while on-site experts help to apply proven solutions.

Using Kurita’s Savings Calculator, our experienced technicians can demonstrate how to:

Try our Savings Calculator to easily estimate potential savings by applying our technology to your RO system.

Feedwater Type
Recovery Rate
RO Feed Flow
HP Pump Feed Pressure
RO Permeate Pressure
RO Feed Pressure After CIP
RO Feed Pressure Before CIP
Current Period Between Cleans
Unit Cost Energy
€ / kW hr

Savings Results

Adjusted Period Between Cleans
337 days
Possible Energy Savings Annual
176020.11 kW hr
Possible CO2 Savings Annual
45.77 T
Possible Costs Savings Per Year Annual
40484.62 €

Note: The results presented here are indicative only and intended to demonstrate the potential for energy savings by controlling biofilm in reverse osmosis systems. Increasing the period between cleans may have additional cost and environmental benefits and these too may be considerable. Each system and feed water presents its own challenges, and no warranty is made regarding the accuracy of the results obtained using this calculator. For a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of your membrane system please contact us to arrange a full system survey.

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